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Pre-operative advice for private patients at Princess Margaret Hospital.

Assuming you operation is on a Tuesday at the Princess Margaret hospital, the following advice would apply. In other situations Mr Fairbank will give you individual advice.

Breakfast: It is sensible to have a reasonably large breakfast at about 07.30 am since you have to be starved of food for 6 hours prior to surgery for anaesthetic safety.

Clear fluids: You can drink clear fluids such as still water until 11.00 am but after that have nothing further to drink.

Admission: Come to the front desk at the Princess Margaret Hospital at 11.30 with a bag of clothes, reading matter, toiletries etc sufficient for the planned length of stay.

Anaesthetist: The anaesthetist is usually Dr John Wraight one of the senior anaesthetists in East Berkshire and recognised by BUPA and other insurance companies who may ask for his details prior to admission.

Consent and pre-operative discussion: Mr Fairbank and Dr Wraight will come and see you pre-operatively and explain the operation in detail, answer any final questions and ask you to sign the consent form. The nursing staffs also have an admission process which they carry out separately.

Operation time: The exact time of your operation will depend to some extent on the procedure. Minor procedures are carried out first and major procedures later in the afternoon. Diabetics and patients with Latex allergy are usually early on the list for safety reasons.

Post-operative ward round and discharge: Mr Fairbank will see you after the operation before you go home to explain the procedure again along with post-operative advice and follow up arrangements.

Discharge Home: Most day case procedures are quick to perform and patients recover quickly. They are usually ready for home at about 18.00 p.m. If the operation has been later in the afternoon the discharge time will need to be adjusted and the nursing staff will assess when an individual is ready to safely leave hospital.

Follow up appointment: Mr Fairbank will advise you when the follow up appointment is likely to be and his secretaries will forward this through the post along with a copy of the operation note that is normally sent to the GP. If the suggested appointment is not convenient you can telephone Mr Fairbank’s office to adjust.