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Pre-operative advice for NHS operations at Heatherwood or Wexham Park Hospital.

The Waiting list officer at Heatherwood is Lyn and the Waiting list officer at Wexham is Cindy.

Once you are on the waiting list they will contact you to discuss and arrange convenient dates for surgery at Heatherwood Hospital, Ascot or Wexham Park Hospital, Slough.

The lists are divided into ‘urgent’ cases which require surgery within two weeks, ‘soon’ cases which are admitted at the earliest available date and ‘routine’ cases which are admitted in turn.

The Wexham Park and Heatherwood Hospitals trust admit all cases within an 18 week interval and are working to admit all cases within a 12 week interval. The admission arrangements will depend on the nature of the operation, the health of the patient, the operation site and the exact time of day.

Patients are usually invited to attend a preoperative assessment. This allows careful pre-operative assessment and preparation prior to admission. In all cases it is important that there is no possibility of pregnancy at the time of surgery. The waiting list officers will send out admission details and information prior to admission which should be studied carefully to ensure there are no problems during the admission process and subsequent surgery.