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Paying for treatment

Accounts for Mr Fairbank
The cost of private medical care can be divided into the professional charges for Mr Fairbank and the cost of any tests and related hospital charges. Mr Fairbank is not employed by a private hospital and any hospital accounts are separate to his charges and will be managed by the hospital. Mr Fairbank charges to so called ‘BUPA rates’ which are recognised by almost all the private insurance companies.

Package Price surgical packages
The Princess Margaret Hospital does offer various package price deals for common surgical procedures which include the fees for Mr Fairbank, his anaesthetist, the hospital, and any pathology examinations. His secretaries or the marketing department at the PMH can provide details on these costs. These package price procedures are popular with self paying patients who do not have private medical insurance.

Annual Gynaecology review
Regular Gynaecological review varies in different parts of the world from 6 monthly review in Germany, annual review in the USA and Canada and less frequent reviews in the UK. Mr Fairbank has looked after patients from all over the world and is happy to fit in with personal preferences and provide copies of all test results and medical notes if patients then move abroad once again. Mr Fairbank’s secretaries can arrange a personal package based on your requirements.

After each consultation a letter will be sent to your GP (unless requested not to) and to you with a summary of discussion, examination and any test results. An invoice will be sent either to your insurance company or to you if requested.