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Operations: Punch biopsy of cervix uteri

Insurance code: Q0340 (often combined with P2730 for colposcopy)

Introduction: This information is written by John Fairbank and is provided for the benefit of his patients. Additional information will be given during consultation in the clinic and during the pre-operative discussion. It is not appropriate for all surgeons’ individual practice or for all patients.

Purpose of operation: To obtain a small biopsy from the cervix for pathology examination

Description of procedure: A small pinch of skin is taken from the cervix using biopsy forceps. The base is touched with silver nitrate for haemostasis. No special precautions are required afterwards although a small amount of light bleeding can occur. The results of the test take about seven days to be reported and Mr Fairbank will write with the results or arrange a follow up appointment once they come through.

Anaesthetic: Not required

Relevant websites

1. http://www.bsccp.org.uk/index.asp?PageID=29