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Operations: Colposcopy +/- biopsy

Insurance code: P2730 (+Q0230 if cervix is treated)

Introduction: This information is written by John Fairbank and is provided for the benefit of his patients. Additional information will be given during consultation in the clinic and during the pre-operative discussion. It is not appropriate for all surgeons’ individual practice or for all patients.

Purpose of operation: To carefully examine a cervix

Description of procedure: Colposcopy is a simple examination of the cervix (neck of the womb) through a speculum using a colposcope (a large magnifying telescope). The cervix is painted with weak vinegar and iodine to change the appearance of the skin and allow the colposcopist to determine why the smear test has shown changes. It is then possible to decide whether any treatment is necessary.

Anaesthetic: Anaesthetic is not required unless cervical treatment is carried out.

Length of stay: nil

Post-operative management: no care required

Potential complications: Colposcopy itself does not have any complications. Cervical treatment has a very low risk of complications and these are described under that section.

Post-operative consultation: Most advice given by telephone and correspondence

Other considerations: Cervical treatment is sometimes required

Relevant websites:

British society of colposcopy and cervical pathology. Excellent overview of cervical problems, colposcopy and cervical treatments