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Operations: Excision of lesion of vagina (e.g. warts and cysts)

Insurance code: P2000

Introduction: This information is written by John Fairbank and is provided for the benefit of his patients. Additional information will be given during consultation in the clinic and during the pre-operative discussion. It is not appropriate for all surgeons’ individual practice or for all patients.

Purpose of operation: There are a number of conditions which leave ‘lesions’ in the vagina. Examples would include fluid filled congenital cysts and multiple vaginal warts. This operation removes the lesion(s).

Description of procedure: The lesion is identified and removed. The skin is sutured to prevent bleeding and allowed to heal.

Anaesthetic: General

Length of stay: Day case or overnight stay depending on post-operative comfort
Post-operative management: Analgesia as required. A catheter is not usually required. A short course of anti-biotics are sometimes prescribed.

Potential complications. Complications at the time of surgery are rare. Bleeding would require an extra stitch and infection would require ant-biotics.

Post-operative consultation: A post-operative review at anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months may be suggested depending on the indication for the surgery and the immediate post-operative course. Signs of infection should be reported to the General Practitioner or to Mr Fairbank as discussed during the post-operative period.

Other considerations: These lesions are usually benign. In the rare cases of vaginal cancer a different procedure and code would be used.

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