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Operations: Excision of septum of vagina

Insurance code: P1920

Introduction: This information is written by John Fairbank and is provided for the benefit of his patients. Additional information will be given during consultation in the clinic and during the pre-operative discussion. It is not appropriate for all surgeons’ individual practice or for all patients.

Purpose of operation: Women are sometimes born with a midline vaginal septum which divides the vagina into two channels rather than the more usual single channel. In this situation the ‘septum’ dividing the channels can interfere with sex and tampon usage and it is then best removed.

Description of procedure: The septum is identified and removed. The skin is sutured to prevent bleeding and allowed to heal.

Anaesthetic: General

Length of stay: Day case or overnight stay depending on post-operative comfort
Post-operative management: Analgesia as required. A catheter is not usually required. A short course of anti-biotics are sometimes prescribed.

Potential complications. Complications at the time of surgery are rare. Bleeding would require an extra stitch and infection would require ant-biotics.

Post-operative consultation: A post-operative review at anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months may be suggested depending on the indication for the surgery and the immediate post-operative course. Signs of infection should be reported to the General Practitioner or to Mr Fairbank as discussed during the post-operative period.

Other considerations: These congenital variations are sometimes associated with variations in the shape of the uterus, cervix and kidneys and require other investigations.

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