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How can I arrange a private appointment?
Appointments can be arranged via the office in Windsor on 01753 743357. Appointments are available on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturdays at the Princess Margaret's Hospital and Wednesday at the Bridge Clinic in Maidenhead. There is a fax (01753 860639) and e-mails can be sent to admin@johnfairbank.co.uk

Is there a waiting list for operations?
The waiting list in the Private sector is not long and most operations can be arranged at short notice. Vaginal repair procedures often require a course of pre-operative oestrogen to improve healing and some other procedures are best carried out after a period. There must of course be no possibility of pregnancy for most Gynaecological operations.

Do I need a referral letter from my family doctor?
It is useful to have a referral letter from your personal doctor but John Fairbank is happy to see you if this is not available. Many insurance companies prefer a referral letter to a consultant before agreeing to settle private insurance claims.

What are the charges for consultation?
Charges vary on the length of the consultation and whether any minor surgical procedures are required. Mr Fairbank’s office can provide details of his charges on request.

Can I see Mr Fairbank on the NHS?
Mr Fairbank no longer works in the NHS but care can be transferred to local colleagues or specialist elsewhere and all details can be forwarded.