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Arranging a private appointment

Most patients are referred to consultant gynaecologists after prior discussion with their GP. They will normally be given a referral note and sometimes have some prior investigations. The GP will often include relevant medical details such as any medication. If you do not have a GP or are keen for a specialist opinion you can make an appointment to see Mr Fairbank directly.

It is always sensible to get prior authorisation from your insurance company if you are hoping to get them to pay for the consultation and any other tests. John Fairbank is recognized by all the major insurance companies and works to so called ‘BUPA rates’ within recognized fee rates. Self paying patients can speak to Terri or Carole who will explain Mr Fairbanks’s charges and can accept payment by cardline services or personal cheque. The hospital and clinic levy their own charges separately so it is sensible to query any potential hospital costs via the hospital helpline.

Appointments for both the Bridge clinic and the Princess Margaret hospital can be made by telephoning Carole or Terri on 01753 743357. Any pre-booked appointments can be adjusted by telephoning the office using the numbers above.